Frequently Asked Questions

In China, qualified asset appraisal reports are provided by asset appraisal firms licensed by the Ministry of Finance. INTANGIO is operated by Rouse Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd, an IP consulting firm, which is not a licensed asset appraisal firm. Estimating the value of a patent for the purpose of setting an auction price does not require a qualified asset appraisal firm, except in limited situations. Traditional IP assessments are expensive, time-consuming, and often not based on historical transaction values. INTANGIO is a service that provides a quick, low-cost, and specialized patent valuation tool. Rouse, Lusheng, and Inngot have deep expertise in patent data analysis, patent quality assessment, and patent valuation, and are well equipped to provide value assessments for the purpose of setting prices for auctions or other use cases, such as private investment.

INTANGIO uses its proprietary database of historical patent sales, grouped according to standard technology classifications, to calculate a likely value. In addition, we provide scoring on the inherent quality of the patent: whether it has characteristics that suggest that the patent itself is high quality; and the attractiveness of the technology: whether the patent is in a technology area that has seen a lot of sales, licensing or litigation relative to other areas.

INTANGIO has compiled data on thousands of transactions from the leading online auction platforms and continually updates this database. We believe we have the largest database of bankruptcy patent auctions in China.

We also draw on numerous other public and commercial databases to generate our valuations and scoring. For example, we query the CNIPA patent registry to identify features that are indicative of quality. We also search a litigation database called CIELA for information on litigation, as well as other databases that provide relevant data.

The current version of INTANGIO is programmed to assess the value of invention patents and utility model patents only. However, INTANGIO will provide a valuation of other types of IP and intangible assets in the future. In addition, Inngot, the creator of INTANGIO, provides a valuation of all types of intangible assets for companies that are currently operating, not only for bankrupt companies (see below). Please use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch with Inngot.

INTANGIO is designed specifically for valuing patents from bankrupt companies which are offered for auction. INTANGIO’s creator, Inngot, also provides a valuation for companies that are currently operating and that need valuation of IP for fundraising, M&A, licensing, or other purposes. Like  INTANGIO, Inngot’s other valuation services are delivered online, with a fast, cost-effective data-driven solution. Please use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch with Inngot.

INTANGIO is an intangible asset assessment and valuation service, and can not provide any legal advice. If you have questions relating, for example, to a patent’s current validity, application history, renewals, assignment or need other advice relating to intellectual property, we can refer you to an attorney at our network firm Lusheng Law Firm, which is a specialist IP law firm and patent agency qualified in China and a network firm of Rouse.  Lusheng Law Firm will usually answer enquiries at no cost but will charge fees for actual services provided. Please use the “Contact Us” form to be put in touch with a Lusheng attorney.