Automated Patent Scoring and Valuation


INTANGIO is a system for automated scoring and valuation system for patents and other forms of intellectual property.

INTANGIO is a collaboration between Rouse, a leading IP consulting and services business that serves the most successful Chinese and international IP owners, and Inngot, an award-winning leader in the use of standardised systems to identify, score and value IP and other intangible assets.

INTANGIO’s automated tool is currently only available in China for users of Ali Auctions for the purpose of assessing patents for bankruptcy auctions. If you are an IP owner or asset appraisal professional interested in finding out more about our IP assessment and valuation services, please Contact Us.

About Us

Rouse is a leading IP consulting and services business in China. With its headquarters in London, Rouse has been operating in China for over 25 years, helping foreign and Chinese companies to manage, protect and exploit their intellectual property. Rouse supports companies to commercialise IP through licensing, R&D collaborations and joint ventures. Rouse’s consulting team specialise in technology landscaping, patent analysis and patent portfolio strategy, often working in conjunction with patent specialists at Lusheng Law firm, a Rouse network firm. Rouse is also the creator of the CIELA (, an IP litigation analysis tool, which compiles statistics on hundreds of thousands of IP-related decisions. With its rich IP data and analysis resources, Rouse is able to assess the technical and economic strength of IP assets.

Inngot, established in 2007, is based in the UK and operates internationally. It is an award-winning leader in the use of standardised systems to identify, score and value intellectual property and other intangible assets. Its first IP profiling systems were introduced in 2009 and its standardised valuation systems in 2010. In recent years, these have identified more than US $1bn in value for small and medium sized enterprises. As well as its online platform, now used in China and localised for 15 other countries, Inngot is known for its influential research into IP accounting, valuation and financing. Inngot has developed the valuation methodologies and algorithms used in INTANGIO.

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The Team Behind INTANGIO

Meet the Rouse and Inngot team who have together created INTANGIO:

Chris Bailey

Rouse - Chris Bailey //Principal, Rouse Consultancy

Chris has a BA in Chinese from Oxford University, an MBA from the Kellogg-HKUST joint program, and an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Principal in Rouse Consultancy, and leads projects in IP commercialization and valuation, supporting the adaptation of Inngot’s IP valuation and management tools to the Chinese market.  Chris supported the design of the INTANGIO specifications, and user interface and was responsible for the overall delivery of the project on the Rouse side.

Palace Pic 2

Rouse - Palace Peng //Director, Rouse Consultancy

Palace has an MSc in International business & management from the University of Central Lancashire and is a DBA candidate at the University of Durham. She is based in Shenzhen, where she leads consultancy services ranging from market entry strategy, partnership development, deal structure and negotiation, technology transfer, fundraising, and advice on government innovation policy in China. She was instrumental in creating the opportunity to develop INTANGIO in partnership with Alibaba and led INTANGIO’s specifications and user interface requirements with Alibaba.

Aria has an LLB from Wuhan University, an LLM from Peking University a PRC-licensed lawyer, and is Head of the China Research Unit, a team that provides legal and business research and data to Rouse internal users and its clients. She manages the CIELA litigation database (, which provides data and insights on IP litigation outcomes in China. Aria’s team provided CIELA and other data sources that feed into the INTANGIO system.

Martin is a thought leader on IP finance and the identification and valuation processes needed to facilitate it. Prior to co-founding Inngot, he held IP development, protection, and licensing responsibilities as a director of small, medium, and large information management firms. He also spent four years as a high-growth business coach, assisting start-ups with fundraising and IP creation. Martin led the development of INTANGIO from concept to devising the valuation and scoring methodologies.


Dr David Harvey //Technical Director, Inngot

David is the architect responsible for Inngot's systems. He is an expert in the design, administration, and programming of large databases, from functional and business analysis to build and acceptance support. David designed the core systems used in INTANGIO’s sorting, valuation, and scoring system.

Sabreena Bari

Sabreena Bari //Risk Analyst, Inngot

Sabreena has a BA in Business and Financial Management. She leads the moderation of IP valuations conducted using Inngot’s platform and supervises the introduction of enhancements to the online IP toolkit. Sabreena leads INTANGIO’s data analysis, valuation, and scoring methodologies.

Rita Sau Ping Davies

Rita Sau Ping Davies //Business Analyst

Rita has a BA in Informatics & Management Studies, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, and a Diploma in Supply Chain & Operations. She speaks Cantonese and Mandarin and supports Inngot’s activities in China through market research, intelligence gathering, and data analysis. In the INTANGIO team, she acts as a project manager and supports the translation and interpretation of Chinese language data and user interface.

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Jerry Huang //Systems Designer

Jerry is an independent contractor, formerly a Consultant at PWC and Rouse, with over ten years experience in applications design and development, data security, privacy and compliance. Jerry has certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and other national-level IT security qualifications. Jerry was responsible for local development and integration of the INTANGIO system within the Alibaba platform.